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Upon first arriving to the Hostgator site, you will most likely notice that it’s a bit more, how to put it… animated than its competitors’ sites. From the colorful alligator donning the upper lefthand corner to the blues and rainbow colors throughout, this palate is quite indicative of the service: vibrant.

We’ve been using and tracking Hostgator hosting performance since 2008. We were using Hostgator Baby before 2016 and switched to Hostgator Cloud in late 2016.

Hostgator has been around for quite some time (since 2002) and supports clients in more than 200 countries with a sizeable staff of more than 750 people. Though a strong organization, the company was acquired by Endurance International Group in 2012. The Gator has continued to expand its services and now offers a variety of hosting configurations, including shared, cloud, dedicated, VPS, and reseller hosting.

3 Pros of Hostgator Shared Hosting

Hostgator has an array of “pluses” to its services, just some of which include:

1. Wide Server Upgrade Options

It’s hard to beat a hosting provider who offers scalability – and Hostgator does just that.

Since it supports shared, dedicated, reseller, cloud, and VPS hosting, it’s relatively easy to upgrade your servers and configuration as your organization grows and your needs change.

2. Reliable Hosting

There are several major outages that put Hostgator clients into crazy mood and they’d bash anyone who says the Gator servers/infrastructure is reliable.

But if you look at this on a wider time span – Hostgator has notoriously good site load times and a stellar uptime record for the past 10 years. It’d be unfair to berate the web host (as unreliable) based on just three incidents.

And to stand behind its service, Hostgator provides a 99.9% uptime guarantee and server uptime monitor tool to clients. There were reports that the Gator actually refunds some of their customers during recent server outage incident.

3. Better Long-term Pricing

The sign-up price for Hostgator’s Baby Gator plan starts at $6.71 per month after a first-time client discount – not bad, but also not the cheapest rate out there.

However, with most hosting organizations that offer super low start-up hosting rates, after the first year is up, the renewal pricing jumps substantially; this is where you save with Hostgator. Hostgator’s renewal price goes up just slightly per month to $8.95 with a 24-month subscription.

2 Cons of Hostgator Shared Hosting

As is always the case, nothing is without flaws. Here’s what I’ve found with Hostgator:

1. Customer Service is on the Decline

As mentioned, Hostgator was recently acquired (in 2012) and since then, users have noticed a sharp decline in the level of customer service I’ve received.

In our recent encounters, we’ve been generally unhappy, but the most notable change is the amount of time it takes to get someone on live chat (more than 20 minutes!). I suppose it should be water under the bridge – this isn’t uncommon with budget hosting providers these days – but it wasn’t my experience with Hostgator previously.

2. Pricey In-house Domains and Dedicated IP

Most hosting providers will provide free or low-cost in-house domain – but Hostgator charges $15 per year for new domains, $10 per year for WhoIS protection, and $24 per year for a dedicated IP.

In short, it’s just over priced – plain and simple.

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